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The Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan promoted a “Flush Used Toilet Paper Policy” from March to June, 2017. In accordance with this policy, our project involved organizing conferences and promotional meetings relating to high quality public toilets and enhancement of their surrounding environments to improve communication between the EPA and public toilet management parties. The aim of these events was also for the EPA to understand how the policy was being implemented. This project also involved conducting surveys of the public’s perceptions of the “Flush Used Toilet Paper Policy” and general experience of using public toilets. 

We also organized inspections of public toilets in order to improve their sanitation. This project also involved making short films on environmental sanitation that advertised our toilet policy. We released these films on the internet to generate greater awareness in the public. The project also involved assisting the EPA to carry out certification for outstanding public toilets. This involved on-site inspections, evaluations and award ceremonies. In addition, our project also involved organizing consultation meetings where we considered the opinions of professionals and academics to enhance the effectiveness of the project and formulate relevant implementation strategies.