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The project “2009-2010 Integration, Promotion, and Appraisal of Excellent Performance on Resource Recycling and Reuse” consisted of three main components. And the achievements on each component are listed below:

1. To implement the promotion of resources recycling and reuse with perfect results.

(1) Compiling and edited the“2008 Yearbook of Resources Recycling and Reuse”

(2) To compiled the achievements of this project performed by the participated in 2008. To examine this project and to revise it for 2010-2011.

(3) The Renewable Resource Recycling and Reuse Promotion Committee held one committee meeting in 2009. And one workteam meeting was called in 2009.

(4) To maintain the national resource recycling information website at least 8 times and help the content fresh to public.

2. To promote industry waste reuse and renewal resources management. 

(1) To analyze three reused industrial wastes that contain rare metal.

(2) Evaluating industrial wastes which may not be suitable to reuse.

(3) Analyzing three items reusable resources and the management mechanism.

(4) To hold a big seminar for industrial sector and interact with this sector by visiting them.

3. Ranking the industrial performance in the categories of waste disposal, resource minimization, and reuse and recycling and awarding the outstanding companies.

(1) To accomplish the performance evaluation by experts, scholars, and regulatory authorities and the EPA. Nineteen enterprises were awarded as the final result. The relevant information was posted on our website.

(2) To prepare “Year 2009 Award Winners’ Fact Summary for Excellent Performance in Waste Disposal, Resource Minimization, Reuse and Recycling”.

(3) Holding a public award ceremony to honor award winners for their excellent performance.

Held three conferences to promote and encourage industry sectors to achieve waste control, reduce and reuse, waste management and recycling.