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本計畫分為四大項工作:(一)落實推動資源回收再利用:完成「93年至94年資源回收再利用推動計畫」成果報告之撰寫,以及「95年至96年資源回收再利用推動計畫」第一季至第三季成果報告。7個部會署為積極配合環保署進行各項措施之推動,共計委辦21個計畫,本計畫並於會議提供六件分析報告。(二)展現我國資源回收再利用成果:完成94年度資源回收再利用年報資料之蒐集、彙整及撰寫,「全國資源回收再利用資訊網」之改版及資訊每月更新。(三)延長生產者責任制度與立法建議:配合二法合一進度,修正「廢棄物清理法」與「資源回收再利用法」規定,參採歐盟整合產品政策(Integrated Product Policy, IPP)」架構,納入產品生命週期管理概念,同時參考歐盟三法:「廢電子電機設備指令」(WEEE)、「危害物質限用指令」(RoHS)及「耗能產品綠色設計指令」(EuP)等相關精神及措施,擬定「綠色產品及消費」及「責任回收物管理」兩章條文草案,暨完成國內RoHS法規規劃,以及押金制度(Deposit-Refund System)案例之分析。(四)整合廢棄物減量及資源回收再利用相關計畫:完成計畫窗口之建立,完成協助8次計畫成果彙整。


The project consists of the 4 main components listed below. 

1. Implementation of recycling and reuse of resources 

-Compiling of achievements performed by the various government departments on their participation with respect to the recycling and reuse of resource in the year 2005-2006, including 21 sub-projects implemented by seven government departments. 

-Assisting the functioning of the resource recycling and reuse promotional committee and provided 6 analytical reports. 

2. Exhibition on the achievements of the recycling and reuse resources. 

-Accomplishing data submission guidelines, compiling and editing of the 2005 yearbook. 

-Revising, maintaining and updating of the national resource recycling information website. 

3. Provision of legislative recommendations on the various extended producer responsibility related management systems. 

-Accomplishing the drafting of the two chapters on “Green Product and Consume” and “Management of Due Recycled Items for Producer” of the Draft Taiwan Waste Resources Management Act, with reference to the structure and principles of the EU Integrated Product Policy, (IPP), WEEE, RoHS and EuP directives on Electronic and Electrical Equipments . 

-Accomplishing the case studies regarding the implementation of RoHS directive in Taiwan and The Deposit-Refund System. 

4. Compiling the waste reduction and resource recycling related projects in EPA 

-Establishing contact windows for the various projects. 

-Compiling project achievements on regular basis for a total of eight accounts.


英文關鍵字;Implementation of recycling and reuse of resources, yearbook, Extended Producer Responsibility(EPR), Directive on the Waste Electronics and Electrical Equipment(WEEE), Restriction of Hazardous Substance(RoHS), Deposit-Refund