中文計畫名稱: 我國廢棄物處理設施溫室氣體排放盤查暨提升減碳效益計畫 

英文計畫名稱 Greenhouse gas inventory of waste treatment facilities and carbon reduction enhancements 


執行單位: 環興科技股份有限公司 


計畫執行期間:民國 105 年 8 月 22 起至 106 年 8 月 21 日止

報告總頁數: 354 頁 

中文摘要關鍵詞: 大型垃圾焚化廠、公有掩埋場、溫室氣體盤查 

英文摘要關鍵詞: Large-scale waste incineration plants, public landfills, greenhouse gases inventory 



  本計畫主要調查我國大型垃圾焚化廠及公有掩埋場種類、數量、分布及溫室氣體排放狀況,並針對已進行溫室氣體盤查之案例進行溫室氣體排放量差異分析。依照環保署公告之溫室氣體盤查表單,設計通用大型垃圾焚化廠及公有掩埋場之盤查表單,以利後續填報。本計畫輔導桃園市垃圾焚化廠及新北市三峽碳中和樂園完成 105 年度溫室氣體盤查,並通過第三方查證取得查證聲明書。並針對廢棄物處理設施相關之垃圾聯防調度機制、焚化廠延役升級與掩埋場挖除活化再生,研析其相關減碳之影響、效益及短中長期規劃相關之減碳路徑及策略。本計畫亦彙整國內外重要之溫室氣體減量額度取得機制、方法及案例,並分析常用減量方法學及其取得之減量額度機制。亦評析有關電業法修正案通過後,廢棄物處理設施作為分散式能源之潛力及角色。 


英文摘要 Abstract 

  The project mainly collected the policies and measures related to greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction of waste treatment facilities in the EU, the United States, Netherlands and the nations which have similar national conditions with Taiwan, such as South Korea, Japan, Singapore, China and Hong Kong. The meaningful suggestions were also provided by analyzing and comparing to each case. On the other hand, the project also investigated the types, quantities, distributions and GHG emissions of the large-scale waste incineration plants and public landfills in Taiwan, then analyzed the differences of GHG emissions from the cases which have already done the GHG inventories. Based on the exciting GHG inventory form proclaimed by Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the www.docu-track.comspecific GHG inventory forms of waste incineration plants and landfills were designed for the further report. The project successfully counseled the Taoyuan City Waste Incineration Plant and the New Taipei City Sanxia landfill to complete the GHG inventory the year of 2015, and obtain a verification opinion statement issued by the third party (BSI). In addition, the impacts and benefits of carbon reduction related to the mechanism of waste scheduling, the life extension and upgrading of the waste incineration plants and the revitalization of the landfill were analyzed as well as the carbon reduction pathways and strategies for short-, medium- and long-term proposes. The project not only summarized several important GHG reduction mechanisms, methods and cases, but also analyzed the mostly used reduction methodologies and the amount of carbon reductions. Since Amendments to the Electricity Act passed this year, the potential and role of waste treatment facilities for decentralized energy application were also evaluated. We hope that the GHG inventory not only apply to the other waste treatment facilities in Taiwan but also fulfill solid carbon management based on the works in the coming future.