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React to international waste/resource management trend and take domestic demand into policy considerations, this project aimed to strengthen the national resources recycling from household waste in the aspects of law regulations, channelization difficulties, and extended manufacture responsibility. The primary objectives of this project are to improve the management effectiveness and to promote automatic recycling system. In strengthening management effectiveness, the information from international experiences were collected and the suggestions were given to modify the existing local regulations. The low recycling value wastes, flat glasses and plastics not announced as recyclable, are investigated and the recommendations to enhance their recycling system are given. In order to promote automatic waste recycling from manufactures, the potential goods from the existing Green Mark list are assessed and the goods with toxic substances and high recycling values are suggested as the priority subjects to the future announced recycling items. The 4th voluntary agreement of waste mobile communication product recycling with dealer and the administrative contracts of waste foamed plastic package materials with industry associations are accomplished in this project. Finally, continuing the work of 2013 project, the recycling of toner cartridges and ink cartridges at home and abroad were rechecked and resulted in the suggestions to strengthening their recycling and reuse effectiveness.