The purpose of the project was to hold an Environmental Consensus Conference and a review conference in 2011. The question, “Do you agree with eliminating two-stroke engine motorcycles and build up electric motorcycle battery exchange system?” was put forth and discussed in the conference. 85 individuals applied for the conference and 25 of them were selected according to the selecting rules set up by the Conference Advisory Committee.

The conference was held on four successive Sundays from May 8th to May 29th. On the first day, lectures were arranged to provide members with relevant background knowledge. On the second day, a forum was held to provide experiences exchanging between experts and members. Later on, on the third day, members were separated into groups and discussed two sub-issues: (I) Do you agree with eliminating two-stroke motorcycles? Is there any complementary plan need to be proposed? (II) How to optimize the electric motorcycle battery exchange system and strengthen its management. Diverse opinions from group discussions were collected and discussed further in a panel discussion in order to converge into a preliminary consensus. On the last day, after being confirmed by all members, the “Environmental Consensus Conference Conclusion Report for the First Half of 2011” was accomplished and announced to the public on May 29th.

According to the report, three conclusions were proposed, including: (A) Most of members agreed with that elimination of two-stroke motorcycles could be accelerated by promotion of other more environment-friendly vehicles such as electric motorcycles. They also suggested that there should be some examining mechanisms, subsidiary measures and related guidance for further promotion; (B) The safety of the battery exchange system and its impact on the surrounding environment should be carefully considered for the purpose of avoiding wasting resources; (C) In order not to be benefited or monopolized by few enterprises, the battery exchange system should combine with some definite regulations, such as integrally complementary measures and battery standardization. Furthermore, suggestions from experts, scholars as well as the public should always be taken into account.

A review conference was held on June 7th, within one week after the consensus conference. In the conference, the conference advisory committee members, panel representatives and the EPA representatives were invited to evaluate the outcome of the consensus conference, and they concluded several suggestions for “setting the conference issue”, “organizing the agenda” and “forming a consensus”, which are good references for future conferences.