計畫主持人:邱文琳 博士







  The major tasks carried out by this project included: Promote recycling of waste mobile communication products, specific E-waste, plastic foam packaging and exclusion of waste lubricants from the Due-Recycled Waste List. Regarding recycling of waste mobile communication products, we visited 300 stores of the MOU’s signees to make sure the daily operations matched the MOU requirements and to provide recommendations for further improvement. According to the cell phone waste disposal behavior survey of consumers (1,099 valid questionnaires), about 41.6% used mobile phone is recycled or resold and about 46.9% left at home. Some people were not aware of recycling or channels for recycling, which indicated that public awareness of cell phone recycling should be strengthened. For other E-waste recycling, we recommended priority methods for recycling five specific items, which included announcement of Due-Recycled Waste and producer physical responsibility announcement of recycling items for local authorities. In addition, this project developed three options for the announcement of recycling items for local authorities based on surveys of 10 clean squads. Regarding recycling of plastic foam packaging, we evaluated material flow of 265 clean squads and 15 local authorities for further improvement. In light of recycling plant supervision: eight recycling plants were visited.  Their certification and auditing process were be effective. If the plastic foam packaging announced as Due-Recycled Item, this project estimated the clearance and disposal cost of NTD 5.70 /kg and the subsidy of NTD 0.64 /kg. For the exclusion of waste lubricants from the Due-Recycled Waste List, the "general waste-waste lubricant recycling management", the guidance manual for recycling industry transformation and related measures were drafted. For understanding of the latest progress of recycling industry transformation, 54 collectors of 122 have obtained waste clearance licenses and 16 disposal organizations still in progress for applying the recycling or waste disposal permit.