The purpose of the project was to hold an Environmental Consensus Conference and a review conference in 2010. The question, “Do you support the expert meeting system, which is carried out in the environmental impact assessment for the Central Taiwan Science Park” was put forth and discussed in the conference. Ninety-seven individuals applied to attend the conference and 21 were selected according to the selecting rules set up by the Conference Advisory Committee.
The conference was held on four successive Sundays from November 11th to December 5th. On the first day, lectures were arranged to provide members with relevant background. On the following two days, a forum for experts was held to provide experience exchange. On the third day, two sub-issues were discussed in the group discussion, i.e.(I) Do you support the expert meeting system, which is carried out in the environmental impact assessment? Will it need further legalization process? (II) How to strengthen the expert meeting system and enhance public participation? The diverse comments gradually converged into a consensus during the panel discussion.
After consensus results were checked by the panel of members, the “Environmental Consensus Conference Conclusion Report for the 2010” was accomplished and announced to the public on December 5th. According to the conclusion report, members proposed suggestions for the environmental protection administration:(I) Revise the expert meeting system for the further legalization process (II) Build up the expert resource pool and environmental issues pool, (III) Strengthen the public participation by holding the Consideration democracy operation. In order to evaluate the outcome of the consensus conference, the conference advisory committee members, panel representatives and the EPA representatives were invited to join the review conference held on December 20th. The conference has concluded suggestions for “setting the conference issue”, “setting the agenda” and “forming a consensus”, which are good references for future conferences.