於掩埋場現勘作業方面,已完成9處營運中及9處非營運中掩埋場勘查,其中邀請專家學者會同辦理現況校核工作計36 人次(18處),並針對缺失提出建議;另完成10處掩埋場上、下游地下水監測井採樣檢測計20個樣品分析。
有關後續優選方案經分類統計約可歸納出3大類掩埋場,分別為(1)「建議續租」共13處;(2)「部分歸還而部分續租」有4處以及(3)「可歸還」1處場址。建議可活化再利用亦有3類掩埋場,分別為 (1)「活化再生容積」:台南縣仁德鄉及歸仁鄉區域性垃圾衛生掩埋場;(2)「滲出水合併水肥處理廠」:嘉義縣水上區域性垃圾衛生掩埋場及高雄縣路竹區域性垃圾衛生掩埋場;(3)「災後廢棄物處置場」各2場址:台中縣后里區域性垃圾衛生掩埋場以及屏東縣枋寮區域性垃圾衛生掩埋場。

Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC) leased land about 109 hectares to the county and city governments and these land constructed a total of 18 sanitary landfill sites. The leases were signed by the local county government and the TSC, the construction funds were supported by the former Taiwan Provincial Environmental Protection Department and the EPA grant, the expenses of operation and management were supplied by the local county or township office.
The article of lease requires a finished landfill site covered of 2 meters depth soil on surface zone as same as the original elevation and should be subject to groundwater and soil quality survey before a site returns to TSC. However, difficulty of obtaining land for waste disposal, most sites have been super-saturated and, therefore, need to remove a large number of garbage from the existing landfill sites. This work is indeed difficult to implement by local governments. In order to assist local governments solve these problems. This project was commissioned by EPA to investigating better methods to deal with sanitary landfill land rented fromTaiwan Sugar Corporation.
In this project, nine landfill sites at operation condition and nine landfill sites at non-operating condition had been surveyed, we invited experts together take the process to check the status of sites as the amount of 36 person-days. The groundwater quality survey were performed in 10 landfill sites at groundwater monitoring wells for upstream and downstream , The number of samples for this survey is 20 amount.
Summary, the results of this project for the better methods to deal with sanitary landfill land rented from TSC could be classified as three categories, which are (1) 13 fields could continue to lease; (2) 4 fields could be part of return, and part of lease; and (3) 1 site could return completely. Activated reuse some landfill sites of these 18 sites are possible and have 3 types, which are activated renew capacity: Ren-De waste sanitary landfill of Tainan county and Gui-Ren waste sanitary landfill of Tainan county, garbage filtrate combined night soil treatment: Shuei-Shang waste sanitary landfill of Jiayi county and Lu-Jhu waste sanitary landfill of Gaosyong county, and disaster waste: Hou-Li waste sanitary landfill of Taizhong county and Fang-Liao waste sanitary landfill of Pingdung county, 2 each sites in respectively.