The purpose of the project is to hold an environmental consensus conference and a review conference. The issue titled “How does the Government unite Education, Society and Non-Government Organizations to advance the protection of spiritual environment and post-disaster reconstruction” was discussed in the conference. The conference was held through four Sundays from Nov.8 to Nov.29.There were 324 individuals applying to attend the conference and 25 were selected by the Supervisory Committee.

After four weeks’ education and discussion, the panel of experts finally made a conclusion report including 14 consensuses and 4 partly-agreed consensuses. The report was made to the public and presented to the Minister of the Environmental Protection Administration. The review conference was held on Dec.4 to evaluate the feasibility of the result and the implementation of the consensus conference. From the experience, the schedule of procedure for a 3-month environmental consensus conference was made, which offers a good reference for future conferences.