Keywords:Renewable Energy, Solor Power, Wind Turbine,Waste Treatment, Green Island. 



Green Island is situated at the South-East side of Taiwan. It covers 15km2 of land with population of 3,026 habitants. With its multiform ecological environment, there are almost 340 thousand tourists. Residents and travelers consume 12MWh electricity in 2007. Under the huge pressure of power demand, the local power plant in Green Island proposes to add two diesel fuel generators. Burning diesel fuel could harm natural resource in Green Island and cause the local power plant’s pecuniary loss by the government electricity subsidy scheme. Therefore it is very important to reduce the reliance on fossil fuel and utilize renewable energy source in Green Island. This research shows two stage of practicable renewable energy plan. By 2010. It will ultimately result in 5.75% of installed capacity being delivered from renewable energy, including a combination of solor power system, wind turbine, wind-PV hybrid power, and micro turbine generator sets. About 32.93% of island electricity needs will be met with renewable energy on 2020. 

In terms of waste treatment in Green Island, approximately 2,462 ton municipal solid waste is collected from habitants and tourists by local goverment in 2007. The municipal waste is disposed in sanitary landfill near Haisenping in Green Island. Besides, there are 524 ton recyclables collected by local recycling companies in Green Island and transpoted to Fugang Fishery Harbor in Taitung. The amount of waste and recyclables goes up quite substantially as a result of a large number of tourists staying in Green Island. For this reason, recycling operation to be put into effect by tourists and recyclables collection to be carried out by local recycling companies are significant works for local government in Green Island.