In response to the call from environmental groups in Taiwan, President Chen promised on 5th July 2005 that government would convene National Conference on Environmental Action Plan towards Sustainability. Consequently, the National Council for Sustainable Development in the Executive Yuan passed the resolution during the 20th committee, and requested Environmental Protection Agency to be in charge of the organization of the Conference.

Major objectives of the project include: formulating agenda and the possible strategies and action plans of the conference; convening four regional forums, preparatory meeting, National Conference and final report. To sum up, this project involved above 4,000 participants, collected more than 1,272 commands, convened about 100 county and regional conferences and published 267 items of conclusion with a common consensus, 53 items of conclusion with a non-common consensus, declaration of sustainable development—National Conference on Environmental Action Plan towards Sustainability in 2006 and the action plan. This project also published all of related documents in Internet (website:http://www.ncsd.org.tw). It is expected that the whole country makes great strides in the way of sustainable development starting from achievements and foundation of this reference.


Keywords:Action plan, national conference, sustainable development, Taiwan.