循環經濟創造環境永續, 2017「循環經濟全球論壇」隆重登場! Circular Economy creates sustainable environment and 2017 Circular Economy Global Forum is making its grand debut.




        本次會議特別邀請荷蘭阿爾梅勒市(Almere City, Netherlands)市長Mr. F. Weerwind以「循環城市」為題,進行專題演講,分享阿爾梅勒市推動循環經濟的經驗。阿爾梅勒市為荷蘭首都阿姆斯特丹周邊重要城市,是荷蘭示範循環經濟的重要熱點,與我國台中市結為姐妹市,明年將合辦花卉博覽會,屆時也會展現循環經濟的成果。 





Circular Economy creates sustainable environment and 2017 Circular Economy Global Forum is making its grand debut. 

        To promote a circular economy and create a sustainable environment, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) is holding the 2017 Circular Economy Global Forum on September 25, 2017 at the 14th floor meeting room of Howard Civil Services International House. The forum has invited 12 government delegates from the U.S.A, the European Union, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Estonia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Vietnam and El Salvador as well as industry experts to participate and to exchange innovative methods and successful cases on issues such as “plastic in a circular economy” and “leftovers in a circular economy”. 

        The EPA stated that recycling performance in Taiwan is remarkable as its waste recycling rate ranked third across the world. The recycling rate is expected to reach 61% in 2022. Between 2011 and 2022, the resource productivity is to be increased at least by 4.1% annually. In addition, President Tsai Ing-wen expects Taiwan to work toward a circular economy, strive to transform waste into renewable resources and to become a circular economy leader in Asia. 

        The EPA stated that this forum has invited Mr. F. Weerwind, the Mayor of Almere City, the Netherlands to deliver a keynote speech on “circular city” and share the experience of how Almere City promotes a circular economy. The EPA explained that Almere City is an important city located near Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands and a key hotspot for the country to demonstrate a circular economy. Almere City became a sister city with Taichung, and the two cities will collaborate together on the World Floral Exposition in the upcoming year, while demonstrating results of a circular economy. 

        To correspond to the concern about “plastic in a circular economy” from the world and the United Nations, the EPA stated that the reduction measures for single use plastic products will be expanded from the beginning of 2018; meanwhile, microbeads are prohibited completely across the island. Furthermore, the 2017 Circular Economy Global Forum will have government officials and experts discuss plastic management strategy and innovative technology. In addition, they will have further exchanges on material flow management and biomass energy transformation in order to find business opportunities in material leftover reduction, recycling, reuse and transformation. 

        The EPA emphasized that Taiwan puts every effort into promoting a circular economy, anticipating to unite all countries through the 2017 Circular Economy Global Forum and to build a “circular economy global cooperation platform” under the consensus of prioritizing a circular economy. This should further deepen the bilateral, multilateral, regional and global partnerships among Taiwan and various countries.